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Unique Mattress


For a unique sleeping experience, a sleeping experience as if you are above the clouds with the 20 cm high Pocket Spring System!

• H: 20 cm Pocket Spring System developed by arranging the springs enclosed in individual packages. Thus, during sleep, the spouses are affected by each other's movements to a minimum.

• Fiber and hyp sponge quilting that increases surface comfort;

• Hard sponge layer that supports sleep comfort;

• A hard lap layer on the spring system that helps reach the bed;

• Flexible edge barrier for comfortable sleep even at the edges of the bed;

• Double-sided use;

• Bed rotation tracking label for long-term and healthy use;

• Special measure production option;

• The bed final height is 33 cm.


80X200 / 90X200 / 100x200 / 120x200 / 140x200 / 150x200 / 160x200 / 180x200 / 200x200