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Magic Bambi Baby Beds


Considering that sleep is one of the most important activities in the bone development of babies and children and that they spend most of the day in bed, a healthy sleep is very important for them.

If your baby gets a proper sleep correctly, it affects their development positively. In order for a baby to sleep peacefully, the room where he sleeps should be comfortable, quiet and not too bright, ventilated every day, at a temperature of 21-25 degrees and most importantly, the right baby bed should be chosen. With the Magic Bambi baby bed produced by Bambi Bed, your baby's bone development is supported correctly, and thanks to its removable cover, a hygienic and healthy sleeping environment is prepared for your baby.


Deep Sleeps
Zipper Removable Case

The inner layer of the bearing cover is covered with a special liquid-proof membrane. In this way, the life of your mattress is prolonged, bad odors and the formation of microorganisms are prevented.


Longer Life Bed

Liquid Proof Membrane

The cover has a zippered structure and can be washed. This feature provides not only a comfortable and comfortable sleep but also a hygienic and healthy sleep.

A Soft Touch

Down Sponge

The down sponge is a very soft and flexible special sponge. Provides a soft touch in body contact. The feather sponge, which forms the basis of the bed, correctly supports the bone development of the baby.

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