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Goose Feather Pillow (50x70)


* 50x70 cm.
* It is 100% organic.
* Balances body temperature thanks to its natural structure,
* Hydroscopic feature allows the body to breathe.
* Absorbs the sweat of the body at night,
during the day it leaves this moisture back.
* Compared to other fillers
heat preservation power is two and a half times higher.
* It does not contain bacteria, odor, moisture and
It does not contain dust mite since it does not hold oil.
* Ventilation at certain intervals and
dry cleaning is recommended.
* The cover is made of 80 Wire Cotton Fabric.
* 800 gr. 85% of the inner filling is back,
15% consists of tickle hair.
* Its service life is very long. 

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