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Borjen Set

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Meet the Borgen privilege, which the Boron miracle and the mattress come together, and also discover its comfort that comes to life.


On the contrary of ordinary pattern designs, Borjen has brilliant details, also modern, and soft appearance, besides it will mesmerize you with its extraordinary fabric designs. While we are thinking of aesthetic designs, of course, we don’t forget your comfort. Night lights right above the headboard ensure you read a book, study, work, and have enjoyed the bed without disturb or interrupt your comfort. Furthermore, you can charge your phone or tablets with the USB input right above the headboard.


Boron minerals added to the Borjen mattress by utilizing special technology, thus it eases the people who enjoy meticulous sleep. The special fabric of Borjen that has a pretty soft texture provides a high-quality sleep comfort.

Velvet Effect - HyperSoft Foam
HyperSoft Extra Comfort Foam engages with that technology and helps the mattress to take shape of your body by supporting the body curves. The special foam texture that causes you to feel this softness on each touch and the back support mechanism that you can adjust with a single touch will bring your dream comfort to your bed.

Motion Comfort - Pocket Spring
Another feature of Borjen mattress that protects your health and provides you to enjoy comfort at a high level is Pocket Spring Technology. As the springs in your bed are placed so that they do not touch each other, your body pressure is distributed evenly in the bed without being collected at certain points. As it protects your spine health, it eases to start a day healthy and energetic thanks to this system. In addition, pocket spring which allows couples to move freely, positioned independently as not to touch each other.

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