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Who are we?

Bambi Best Shapes Your Life

Our journey in this sector, which started in 1965 under the name Çetmen Koltuk, has been continuing under the brand BAMBİ since 1997.

Bambi Bed has gained a great momentum with the contribution of the production of bed - base - headboard for the last 10 years, advancing to its targets confidently and providing the best service with its increasing product quality and customer portfolio.

Bambi B is all very well-known company in Turkey, has begun to assert itself abroad.

Our factory in İzmir Torbalı 40,000 m 2 using 'like a covered area of 450 people experienced team with the most art production lines and machines, the daily 750 beds, serves its customers with 300 bases and title production.

Our company combines new generation high technology with the highest quality material in its production to get the best result.

All of our products are produced in accordance with TSE standards and are under 2-year warranty.

Our product collection is renewed every year in direct proportion to the needs, developments and changes in our industry. All of our models have a Design Registration Certificate and offer solutions that will make our life easier.